Pete Brown - Lead Vocals

Pete has been a professional singer ever since he stepped onstage with the original heavy metal band Tantrum . Professionally managed, the band played big rooms all over the Tri-State area, including The Chance, The Stone Pony, Cat Club, Studio One, and Streets, just to name a few. He also opened for national acts such as Pantera, Great White, Savatage, Toxic and Cycle Sluts from Hell.

Pete then joined his first cover band, Speed Bag Baby, that allowed him to sing not only metal, but dance music and classic rock.

In addition, Pete kept busy by going unplugged, playing to the coffeehouse crowd, and showing his amazing vocal versatility.

He then joined the original band Ockam’s Razor . Several tragic events sidelined the band indefinitely, and Pete realized he needed to start his own project from the ground up.

In 2002 Pete handpicked a lineup, choosing the best players in the area to complete GRIND, a modern hard rock cover band which rocked the Tri State Biker Circuit Hard! Unfortunately personnel changes sidelined the band indefinitely.

Determined to establish a talented and dynamic band to accompany his own versatility, Pete successfully engaged seasoned musicians David Wilson,Toby Scarbrough, Eran Phillips and Mark Macilvane to create the High Octane Outfit known as Pumping Ethyl.


Steve Mansfield
Drummer / Percussionist

Mansfield possesses a sense of total adaptability in any musical situation.  The word perfectionist is an understatement when describing Steve.  He has chops, tone and groove and plays with such feel and emotion that he can make any style of music groove you right against the wall.

David Wilson - bass

Growing up on the outskirts of Glasgow in his native Scotland, David didn't start playing the bass until he was 17. Learning quickly, he took lessons from local jazz virtuoso John Bartke. John recognized David's drive and talent, and gave a poor student cheap lessons for which David is grateful to this day.

David played in a few original bands there (She
Says, Jean De Florette) and a cover band (the Booze Brothers). Jean De Florette sold out major venues in Glasgow area, and undertook a tour of Germany in 2004 before putting out their own CD single in 2005 which sold out it's run.

After moving to NYC in 1997, David joined the original band Jonas Bronk. While recording with Jonas Bronk, the producer Craig Randall started to use him for paid session work. In the course of this, David met singer/songwriter Stephanie St John and they started to play out with drummer David Silva. The debut album Cinderella's Dead was released in 2001, and the follow up 250 Times Sweeter Than Sugar was released under the band name Mimi Ferocious in 2004. Some of David's favorite memories from that time are from being flown out to LA to perform showcase gigs at the Roxy and Whiskey A Go Go. had this to say in their review of "250 Times Sweeter Than Sugar":

On Billboard songwriting award-winner "Jonathan," bassist David Wilson hints at the skills that will allow him to pull off a tour de force on a faithful, triumphant cover of Donna Summer's disco classic "I Feel Love."

When Mimi Ferocious took an extended pregnant pause, David decided he needed a break from the Manhattan production line original band gigging scene. After looking for some time for musicians with similar talent and goals, David joined Pumping Ethyl in early 2006 and hasn't looked back since.

David's favorite bass players include John Taylor (Duran Duran), Peter Hook (Joy Division / New Order) and Geddy Lee (Rush). He's copped licks from them all at one time or another :-)

Steve Massa - Lead Guitar

Steve has performed with rock artists regionally to include Ted Poley of Danger Danger fame and has been involved in side projects with past and present touring members of Blood, Sweat & Tears; hundreds of live performances in NY/NJ/PA/CT tri-state area. 
Major Influences: Steve Vai, Edward Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Neal Schon, Steve Lukather, Randy Rhoads, Pat Metheny, Carlos Santana, Mike Stern, Jeff Beck, John 5, Joe Pass. 


Mark Macilvane - Rhythm Guitar and backing vocals

Mark is the “the perfect accomplice” in that he delivers the musical goods by laying down a foundation of sound for which the band to build upon.