Mahoney's Rocks Again! 

Show after show Mahoney's proves to be an outstanding venue.  I would like to thank all of the patrons for their kind words and support.  We know there are a lot of bands out there, and to get such favorable feedback show after show is very motivating.  Pictures will be up soon.  And of course, Don't forget to PUMP IT!

Hot Night at Mahoney's! 

Pumping Ethyl would like to thank everyone that made Saturday night one to remember!

Great night, great crowd reaction, so hot without a dry body in the venue!

Pictures will be up shortly.  I encourage everyone to join our mailing list as we will be back at Mahoney's 3 more times this year.

Looking forward to rocking Poughkeepsie again with lots of new material in the works.


Mahoney's and Pumping Ethyl - Great Chemistry! 

Thanks to the energetic  fans this week in Poughkeepsie!   We had a great time and you made Toby's last show with Pumping Ethyl one to remember.  Pictures will be up shortly.  Don't forget to sign our mailing list so we can let you know when we will be back in Poughkeepsie.  Keep in touch with us on Facebook too.  See you soon.  PAB

PE Loves Poughkeepsie! 

A shout out to the fans in Poughkeepsie that partied hard (and tipped well) this past weekend.  Much appreciated and we look forward to rocking out again.  PAB

Molly Darcy's was officially PUMPED!  

We'd like to thank Pat for getting us in to Molly Darcy's.  The venue lived up to it's reputation.  Special Happy Birthday to Michelle who made the treck (again) from Greenwich.  Pictures will be up soon (and worth the wait). 

Still Recovering from Rambling House! 

Last Friday had to be the best show yet at Rambling House.  Check out the pics!  The band is still
recovering from a late night and after hours party that was well worth it.  Special thanks to Michele, Bria and Nick for making the
trek down from Greenwich.  Also Congratulations to the dirty dance contest winner who received an "A"
for effort!  Glad you survived.  See you next time. 

PE Parties at Playland 

PE hosted a magical outdoor night at Playland this week (at the Pier Restaurant and Tiki Bar).  Great sound, great food great atmosphere, looking to get back in one more time before the season ends.  Check the calendar or sign the mailing list to be informed of future shows.